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We Support Scottsdale Small Businesses

We Support Scottsdale Small Businesses

Invest In Your Community's Bank

Invest In Your Community's Bank

Small Business Banking

Small Business Banking

We understand the banking needs of non-profits

We understand the banking needs of non-profits

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Gainey Business Bancorp (in organization)

Our Vision for the proposed community business bank in your Gainey community

The Bank’s business model has been designed to provide a high level of personalized customer service with custom-tailored financial products, competent and responsive staff with local decision-making authority, superior technology, and a “relationship-banking” approach. Rather than mass market banking services, Gainey Business Bancorp will focus on the existing market niche and will cater to the needs of local small-size businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, professionals, and individuals require a more customized, personal banking approach.

Our Mission

Community Involvement

Making a positive contribution to the Scottsdale community where we operate

We know that our business can only be vibrant if the communities in which we operate are vibrant too. Gainey Business Bancorp (in organization) is committed to the quality of life within the Scottsdale community.

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Featured Services

Small Business Banking

We understand that each business is unique and we will take the time to understand your business and its metrics.

Customized Solutions

Custom banking and loan solutions for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals.

Non-Profit Specialists

We're committed to enriching the lives of people in our community through supporting and working with local non-profits.

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You have a unique opportunity to invest in a bank!


The Arizona Department of Financial Institutions recently approved our status as “in organization” which authorizes us to raise $11 to $13 million dollars in capital by selling shares in this vibrant enterprise. I hope you will consider joining us in investing in this unique opportunity that we have carefully and thoroughly planned to be a win-win for both the shareholder and our Scottsdale community.



Gainey Business Bancorp

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